What Are the Side Effects of HGH?

It has been a proven fact by general consensus that women are more beauty conscious and men are more fitness conscious. However, getting a lean and fit body is what both desire, equally, along with a similar wish of staying young.

Human growth hormone is notorious for its anti-aging benefits. However, as with any “miracle” drug, there is usually a downside. For HGH, the downside is that the medicine could cause some serious side effects.

When used as directed by a doctor, the side effects of HGH are usually mild.

Short Introduction to HGH

Consider for a moment the kind of a disposition that must be widely diffused if a good health is to be created and sustained.

The thing which possesses an elementary and most momentous position in keeping a person away from the aging effects is Human Growth Hormone.

This hormone is produced by a small ductless gland at the base of the brain known as Pituitary Gland. When there is a change in its secretion, you will feel a decrease in your overall fitness and you are ready to go towards the old age.

HGH Levels Decrease After Certain Age

It is an important point to note that the level of HGH goes down from the age of 30. The process keeps on going like this and the level also keeps on dropping as well.

When this level got disturbed then you keep on facing all sorts of health issues, for instance, with the decreased level of HGH, you may feel weakness, dizziness, as a whole, but it can certainly harm your internal organs, as well.

As low HGH can harm your Cardiac system and can disturb your blood sugar level and make you vulnerable to all sorts of diseases related to these organs.

So, when these organs are targeted then you will always at a risk to encounter the severe aging effects .i.e. dead skin, hair loss, wrinkles and all other problems.

So, HGH level plays an effective and most basic role in keeping you away from the above mentioned problems.

HGH Side Effects

However, as it goes with out saying, that the things that have some advantages, bound to have some disadvantages as well. Same thing can be said in the case of Human Growth Hormones.

For instance, HGH that is produced scientifically by using a complex number of amino acids, have not proved to be as effective as it should be, also there is a discussion about its required level, as an excess can actually cause some problems.

Also, studies have backed the fact that it is actually the reduction of growth hormone which is responsible for an elongated life span.

Reaction to Injection

It is common for patients getting HGH injections to have a dermatological reaction at the spot where they were injected.


HGH is associated with inflammation. In some ways, inflammation is a positive effect of HGH. Cells become inflamed with water and wrinkles disappear. However, the swelling can also occur in the wrists, joints, and muscles.

This inflammation is what is behind the side effects of carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, both of which are associated with HGH.

Increased Chance of Diabetes

Also, HGH treatment has been associated with an increased chance of diabetes. This is because HGH affects the way sugar is metabolized.

Note that this is what also causes weight loss as a benefit of HGH. As you can see, the benefits and downsides to HGH are closely linked together.

More specifically you can expose yourself to a greater risk of getting diabetes as “Pre-Diabetes” is a common phenomenon created by HGH. If you got yourself in pre-diabetes, the chances are high that you will catch up with diabetes in years to come.

In general, the areas where HGH brings improvements are the areas to get suffered with it side effects.


If too much HGH is in the body over a long period of time, then a condition called acromegaly could occur. This condition involves a thickening of the bones and can cause an unusually large jaw, fingers or toes.

While this condition isn’t always detrimental to health, it can be unattractive.

Liver Damage

Liver damage is another thing that can be accompanied with an externally introduced HGH. Your liver is the main part that works to process this HGH and if that is in more than the required amount then it can really harm your liver.

Other Possible Side Effects

Excess HGH may also lead to sexual dysfunction, increased perspiration, and weakened muscles. Note that these side effects will only in very rare cases occur due to excess HGH.

It is more common for them to occur when the body naturally produces too much growth hormone, such as due to pituitary damage.

Another important fact is that, HGH which is used in children who are facing some growth challenges, the effects of it can actually come back in later stages and make things worse for them as it actually contributes to a higher risk of cancer in those children.

Also, as it can directly affect the bones, hence a wrong use of it can actually cause a pain in the joints and can cause severe swelling.

Side Effects May Vary Depending On Person

The side effects of HGH can vary; it is because of the reason as there are many companies who are producing it with a different formula on hand.

So, it can actually vary from person to person and also, from product to product, but one thing that can be said for sure is that there are some of the side effects that are tagged along these products, so, you must be pretty sure about it before you decide to use it.

Always take proper care as it does not mean that if your friend got benefited by one product, you will also get the same. So, it becomes even more emphatic for you to know the right way to use, not only HGH, but other medicines as well, as this would help to keep the side effects to its minimal.


As a whole, a conclusion can be drawn that although science has already conferred an immense boon on mankind by the growth of medicine. Especially with the growing interest of people in the health and fitness industry, it has become even more essential for science to provide them with enough information so they can become able to do what they want to.

But sometimes it is better to keep in mind that the pronouncements of science don’t claim to be certain, but only to be most probable on the present evidence. So, the risk that you will take will only harm you and not any one else.

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