Steroid Cycle – A Story From A User

“I first stared weight training around 14 ,nothing too serous at first, just lifting for fun. I knew very little about weight training and nutrition, and consequently after my initial beginners gains I stared to struggle. This fed my appetite for knowledge, and I read anything I could get my hands on.

Over the years I got fairly clued up about the important issues of weight training and made some good progress. One constant theme that kept popping up, was that of steroids. I was of course intrigued by the potential to put on weight quickly, but I was fearful of the side effects, and of course didn’t want to stunt my growth. However I kept reading information about them, but never really with the thought of doing a cycle.

Skip forward a few years, I am 21 and around 210lbs at 5’10. Im not sure why but one day I just decided to go for it. I am not even sure what changed my mind, I may just have been annoyed with my gains slowing down but anyway, began searching for somewhere I could obtain steroids.

Luckily in Britain it isn’t illegal to posses steroids, so unlike in the US, I wasn’t committing an offence. It didn’t take too long, and after searching scammer’s lists, pricing etc to make sure I wasn’t getting screwed over, I took the plunge.

My biggest worry was acne, as other sides I knew I could control to a reasonable degree. However I still stuck with test enanthate as the base for my cycle, along with some equipoise and some dbol. I injected 400mg of test, with 350mg equipoise a week for 10 weeks, and took the dbol for the 1st 4 weeks,at 30mg a day. I decided against front loading the injectables, as with this being my 1st cycle I didn’t know how I would react.

Overall it was a fairly conservative cycle, which I felt was certainly the best way to go about things given I was new to all this. I of course had some novla on hand in case of gyno, and some for Post cycle therapy. For blood pressure I took hawthorn berry, and milk thistle for my liver.

For my 1st injection I don’t think I have ever been so scared. Everything was given a good covering with white spirt, so to keep it all hygienic. I loaded the syringe, and then went about trying to find a comfortable angle to inject my glute, but no matter what I did I didn’t feel comfortable, as it was too much of a stretch to get the needle in straight. I must have spent ages just holding the needle close, but eventually it went in without me even noticing! I aspirated, then injected slowly. Then it was all over. I was so shocked that it had been that easy! However the other injections proved more difficult, and a few times I must have hit a nerve, as I got a intense pain on injecting, as well as some muscle spasms. I started to dread injecting every week (thank god it was only weekly!),fearing something would go wrong.

In terms of side effects the cycle was very uneventful, it was hard to believe I was on anything. The only real problem was greasy skin, which luckily didn’t result in any bad acne or anything. I felt great during the cycle, very laid back, a real feeling of euphoria. Sleep was a little interrupted, and I would sometimes wake up with my arms numb but nothing too crazy. I looked very bloated for most the cylce but that’s to be expected with test and dbol. I was initially unimpressed, as the dbol didn’t do much for me in terms of strength, though the scales quickly went up, but mostly with water weight no doubt.

It wasn’t until week 4 that my strength really stared to pick up. Come the end of my cycle my weight had gone up 28 lbs. The weight gain had started to slow down around week 8 and 9. I started PCT a few weeks after my last injection, and continued with it for 3 weeks. Sex drive went down a little but soon recovered. I lost around 8-10 lbs during PCT, and therefore finished up weighing around 230 lbs, which I was certainly happy with.

Therefore my experience with steroids was certainly a positive one. Would I do another cycle? At the moment I would say no. It just stopped being fun. Having to worry about your health and what’s going to happen with your next injection. Its just not why I decided to get into weight lifting, and therefore don’t really feel I want to bother going down this route again. I am not a professional athlete, and my livelihood doesn’t depend on my body, so I cant see any good reason for me to continue to use steroids.

Steroids certainly aren’t evil as the media would make out, and can be used sensibly without too much effect on your health. But despite this I would still ask people to think twice about steroids, and ask if it’s really worth it.”

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