What Is HGH Used For?

Human growth hormone, or HGH, has been used medically for about 30 years. However, it wasn’t until recently that scientists began to understand the benefits of HGH.

Even with advanced research teams from top pharmaceutics companies like Pfizer, Lilly, and Merck, the full benefits of HGH are still not known.

What Is HGH? A Short Overview

HGH is the abbreviation for human growth hormone. Human pituitary glands generate the hormone named human growth hormone which plays a major role in keeping you young, it performs major active functions of the body, sex organs and brain.

The level of human growth hormone in our body decreases as our age grows. When you come to middle age or grow older, the level of human growth hormone in our body remains a tiny fraction of which it was when we were youth.

It has been proven by science that there is a direct relation between signs of aging like loss in interest of sex, weight gain, having sagging muscles and skin, flagging memory, wrinkled skin that does not have good texture and tone and reduction in the level of human growth hormone in our body.

What HGH Does to Your Body?

The increase in the HGH level in our body shows

  • It decreases fat and increases lean muscle side by side.
  • It improves the look and feel of your skin.
  • It increase reverse osteoporosis and even increase bone density.
  • It helps maintaining memory at older ages.
  • It powers up the brain.
  • It boosts the sex drive in human body.
  • It tones and improves the mental and physical well being.
  • It helps in having good sleep.
  • It improves the mood of human being.
  • It results in the decrease in fatigue and depression

For How Long Can One Take HGH?

To increase the level of HGH in our body, it is recommended by experts that one should take at least 6 months of HGH initially.

After six months if you wish you can take a break of approx one year and you can enjoy the benefits of increased level of HGH up to 1 year.

The level of HGH in our body does not drop immediately when we stop taking HGH; it decreases during the period of time. After the break of one year one can again start taking HGH and can enjoy the youngness in his body for lifetime.

If someone is having problems in finding the correct product that you think will suit you, then it is recommended by experts that you can take supplemental HGH, as it is a product that does not do wrong with anybody.

How Long Will It Take to Show the Results?

One should take at least 3 months of HGH does if one starts taking it. Results depend on the level that is already in your body.

If one have very less of HGH already present in the body then the results will be faster. Most of the people have reported changes in their routine in a couple of months.

These changes were like sleeping better, feeling better, improvement in the muscle tone and appearance, having more energy.

Can Only Older People Take HGH?

HGH has been proven beneficial for all ages, so people of all ages can take HGH.

However, HGH shows a great improvement in humans having very low level of HGH in their body, and old people have very low level of HGH. So HGH will show a faster improvement in old aged people.

Can You Take Large Amounts of HGH?

No one suggests you to take supplements or drugs in a large quantity. One should carefully read the guidelines mentioned in the product and follow them. It is only the wastage of the product by taking in the large quantity.

What Is HGH Prescribed For?

Currently, HGH is only FDA approved for treating very few specific conditions – despite the fact that there is evidence it can be used for other implications.

In patients who have a growth hormone deficiency, HGH can be given. This is usually only prescribed to children.

However, adults may also be prescribed HGH for a growth hormone deficiency. In the cases which adults needed HGH replacement therapy, it was usually because a pituitary tumor interfered with their bodies’ ability to make GH.

HGH is also FDA approved for treating conditions which are not related to growth hormone but can cause people to be short in height. Some of these conditions include chronic kidney failure, Turner syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, idiopathic short stature, and slow intrauterine growth.

Why Is HGH So Popular?

The reason that HGH has gotten so much attention though is because of its anti-aging effects.

The first evidence of HGH as an anti-aging component was found in 1990 during a study involving men over 60 years old. The men who were given HGH had a very significant change in their bone density masses and lean body masses. This is the reverse of what typically should occur over a decade of aging.

Because of this study, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine has been promoting HGH as a way to combat the signs of aging.

Why Do Bodybuilders Take HGH?

HGH has also been used for the non-approved use of bodybuilding. The studies into HGH for this purpose have been very mixed.

Stanford University School of Medicine did a survey into many HGH studies. They found that elderly people taking HGH had an increase of about 5 pounds in muscle weight and lost about 5 pounds in fat weight.

However, the patients did not seem to get stronger so the researchers suspect that HGH just caused muscles to fill with water.

Other studies, however, show that HGH can increase strength and performance when it is taken by professional athletes. This has led HGH from being banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Are You Allowed to Use HGH For Anti-Aging or Bodybuilding?

HGH is not FDA approved for anti-aging, vitality or body-building purposes. The major pharmaceutical companies are all further testing HGH for these benefits.

However, it is unlikely that HGH will be approved anytime soon. That is because combating aging and supplementing body building is not considered medically necessary.

For non medically-necessary purposes, a drug must be proven completely safe.

As of now, HGH has not been linked to any serious health problems though it, in rare cases, has caused carpal tunnel syndrome, joint inflammation/pain, and a higher likelihood of diabetes.

Since HGH is such a complex hormone, the FDA will not be satisfied until all the implications of HGH have been discovered.

Can I Get These Products Without Telling Anyone?

You can safely buy real HGH online without telling anyone, as most of the vendors provide these types of products in a plain packaging that does not reveal out the contents of the package.

Are These HGH Tablets Affordable?

HGH injections costs are very high; these can go up to $15000. As we look on the production of HGH, HGH has its major parts as the products made by engineering on amino acids, so the cost of HGH should be less.

New scientists have made now easier to take HGH supplements by making effective releasers of HGH.

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