Estrogens, our main enemy

Of course we understand that the drug which is able to fight with the breast cancer the drug is not yet able to help the athlete. Bodybuilder is more concerned about the issue – whether this particular drug is able to reduce the excessive amount of estradiol. These surpluses are formed not only from the use of strongly aromatizing drugs, but also due to decrease of production of natural testosterone, the lack of which our body compensates with a large number of estradiol. It turns a vicious circle – a little quantity of testosterone – a lot of estradiol, a lot of estradiol less testosterone, etc. Approximately the same pattern is observed with the men over 50 years. So, for them also antiestrogens will be useful. But today we will not speak about this.

Clomid and Tamoxifen belong to the group of drugs – trifenilethylens. These are drugs with extremely low estrogenic effect. It should be noted that drugs of this type have one property that is interesting for the athletes – either Tamoxifen or Clomid are able to combine with the receptors of estrodiol – blocking or, if you want so, stopping their effects on the body. I have already said that Tamoxifen is a more powerful drug, and this ability or feature is not an exception. The effect of Tamoxifen on the estrodiol receptors is much more stronger than the effect of Clomid.

Due to the reasons of its not especially prominent effect, Clomid today is positioned as a drug which helps the athlete in the recovery process after a course of steroids. It is understandable that in this field Clomid has better results.

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